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Who Is Sal Peer?

Sal Peer is the creative genius and CEO at Social Brim, LLC and founder of AI Exosphere, LLC . Sal is an award-winning design, innovation, advertising, and search specialist. A lifelong entrepreneur with a deep passion for the arts whose vision is to build a better future through bleeding-edge technologies.

  • Innovation

  • Web 2/3 Consulting

  • Creativity

  • Web/Graphic Design

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • AI/Cloud Development

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Successfully delivered thousands of web projects, content, sales funnels, designs, and applications.

  • AI Exosphere, LLC

    Founder 2020 – Present

  • Social Brim, LLC

    CEO 2012 – Present


Google Certified Partner with certifications in search, mobile, shopping, video, mobile sites, analytics, and digital sales.

  • Google Partner



Access to the latest technologies through NVIDIA Inception and Microsoft for Startups.

  • Approved Use-Cases By OpenAI

    Access to bleeding-edge AI models.

  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure

    Server resources - Active

From The CTIO of NASA JPL...

Mr. Peer is a talented innovator with exemplary web design, development, and digital marketing skills. From my findings, he is an expert in his field and pays attention to minor details on his projects. During the past year of knowing him, he developed my website with minor AI functionalities, which received global praise from my colleagues. I also brought him on board the development team of a new startup I'm pursuing. Again, Mr. Peer has shown great skill and continuity to keep on task and deliver solid results without much direction or oversight. I believe in his capabilities to meet and exceed expectations on his projects. He is passionate, honest, and able to take complex problems and simplify them for easy understanding and usability. I highly recommend him and trust he will deliver any web-based application or startup project he aims to complete.

Dr. Chris A. Mattmann,
CTIO Division Manager of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and Innovative Development at NASA JPL
California Institute of Technology Director (IRDS) & Adjunct Associate Professor, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
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