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Family man! After that, Businessman. CEO of @SocialBrim. The Million dollar launch man. See what I’m up to on my daily shows #speermethod

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Sal Peer builds brands: Fresh out of school, he moved on his own and started flipping computers in local classified section. This happened during the internet boom and resulted in a chain of 10 stores. Then he started pursing his passion in film and television. During this time he also started doing sales for VH1’s Pickup Artist which set Sal on a path to leading the industry by his blitz marketing tactics. If you were around the dating industry in 2007 to 2013 there is no way you didn’t hear about Speer and his method. Featured in MSNBC The Today Show, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Playboy and more. Today, Sal runs one of the hottest Digital Marketing Agencies in Miami, Florida #SocialBrim. He also hosts a slew of shows.

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